IMG_0406 New leaf growing from the cut of our young frangipani.  Buds forming below the node of the cut.
IMG_0405 Transplanted cutting doing well and budding.

When we bought a young plumeria plant from the nursery, it had 3 branches which soon grew monstrously long and disproportinate. Like a alien from sci-fi with 3 extra long arms. L cut off one of its branches, an experiment with pruning. He left the cut branch in the bathroom (no extra care) to allow sap to dry up. We were surprised that the cut branch continued to grow and sprout a spray of buds without water or nourishment.  Every day I threatened to report him to NParks for abusing the cutting. Surely if the SPCA is the place to call to complain about animal abusers. Who’re u gonna call for plant-abusers?  Plant-busters?  After one week (including his escape to Barcelona),  it was planted in burnt soil. Unbelievably easy.  The $35 we pay for the young frangipani now seems expensive in hindsight since this is a low-maintenance plant.  I’m pleased to spy it every day and watch the bud grow taller.  Holding my breath now for my 3-color marcotted plumeria to flower.  

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