Art Garden by SAM


R and R enjoying themselves at Singapore Art Museum (SAM) in July 2010.  Cant imagine how they can amuse themselves here, for 20 mins just playing with green conical bean-bags.  





Funky forest and Daises by Theodore Watson.  When the kids move, the streams “flow” and trees “grow”.  Interactive nature allow kids to touch and move etc and see how the trees react.


There’s a magical atmosphere in the dark room, and projected forest on the wall and waterfall and streams on the floor (on R’s left).  The stream curves if you move a cushion around it. 



Origami flowers, pretty but static and couldnt hold the kids attention despite an accompanying robotic display of flowers.


My favourite exhibit in a storybook illustration inspired exhibit of layered jungle life, flora and fauna – much like Jungle Book.  Picture taken by my 6 yr old niece, hence focus not good and a reluctant subject – her brother.  But nice framing.  She captured the tiger and our heads, so good job.


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